Monday, August 6, 2007

Lasse Östman

Ceramics have always fascinated me. There is something so interesting about the different phases in creating this kind of artwork; the design, the shaping of the clay, the glazing and the burning. A good result requires artistic skill, good handicraft and knowledge about what chemicals to use for a specific glaze. Then there is the fire that will ultimately form the result in a way that is never totally predictable. My favourite Swedish ceramist, or potter as he prefers to call himself, is Lasse Östman. He has a workshop in Dalarna where he makes small miniature vases, nearly one meter wide bowls, pots and plates in a lot of shapes. The forms are mostly classical with no or sparse decoration. The glazing spans over hundreds of varieties; tenmoku, iron red, mother-of-pearl, copper red, crystal glazes and much more. Each piece is unique.

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