Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cattis' cottage

Yesterday I had dinner with my friend Cattis in her summer house in the archepelago just outside Stockholm. Cattis inherited this mid 19th century cottage when she was 21. It was her family’s summer house and she spent her holidays here when she was a child. After renovating it she can now come here all year round. Cattis is an interior decorator and has filled her house with sweet and fun details and come up with many smart solutions to make it a modern home without taking away its charm. It’s one of the most beautiful homes I know but above all it’s cosy, warm and restful and I just love being there.

Cattis’ cottage has been featured in IKEA Family magazine where you can look at more images. Photo courtesy Per Gunnarsson whose images are so much better than anything I would be able to present.

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Kate Neckel said...

what a lovely lovely home! thanks for sharing...