Sunday, September 16, 2007

Vivienne Westwood dog

I'm not sure how I feel about designer accessories for dogs but this Vivienne Westwood tartan dog collar is adorable. Mimmi wears the most basic dog collar available at every pet shop and she will probably continue to do so. But she would look really cool in this... and it's not like I buy a lot of stuff for her... and she would wear it every day... Hrm.


Ulrika said...

Mimmi needs some colour in her life so I say go for it!

Jon said...

the pattern is nice and some of the hardware is cool but the buckle is gross! If Viv Westwood plans on doing couture for dogs she should be offering completely custom designed pieces. Next time you are in a pet store look at the cheap collars and check out the buckles used.. exactly the same as the VW version!

If you are looking for honest luxury designs for dogs try checking out

Pilar said...

People should read this.