Sunday, September 23, 2007

Casa Cor Stockholm

Casa Cor, "house of colour" in Portuguese, is a 21-year-old success story from Brazil where events are carried out annually in some 15 cities. Now Casa Cor is expanding into Europe, starting with Stockholm. The exhibition uses 1500 sq m of the T-house building at Engelbrektsplan. 40 renowned architects and interior designers have created a home for an imaginary family with many hobbies, passions and interests. After October 14th everything will be dismantled. The interior designs will be sold by auction and some of the proceeds will be donated to the Childhood Foundation.


design for mankind. said...

I LOOOVE Casa Cor! Great feature.

Mind if I add you to my blogroll; your work is FANTASTIC!

Freshly Found said...

I just love the bedroom in this post. Mostly white, with those beautiful line designs on the wall.
I have enjoyed your blog!