Tuesday, December 1, 2009

News in my gallery

In my gallery Andyland we have some new limited edition pictures by Tess Jacobsson and Wolfgang Lehmann. Tess Jacobsson works as an illustrator and graphic designer. She founded her own company Tess J Design in 2006 after finishing studies at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. Tess Jacobson's images express strong energy and have a romantic feeling. Wolfgang Lehmann is a film maker and artist. His first cinematic efforts were made in 1989. Since 1994 Wolfgang Lehmann has realised and produced his own films, many of which were invited for showings at festivals and art spaces all over the world. In his films Wolfgang Lehmann makes use mostly of documentary material. His works can be characterised by an exact and often rhythmic-like montage, as well as extremely short takes that result in overlapping images.

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