Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lotta Kühlhorn for IKEA

Swedish graphic designer Lotta Kühlhorn has made a collection of fabrics for IKEA. Inspiration comes from fables and gnomes about animals. Available at IKEA from October 1st. Via Hemfeber


Jane Schott said...

How fabulous are these? I can't wait to see them in person. I hope they feel and look as good as these images. See you at IKEA.

Jaana said...

And again so colourful...I will check them out next week, have to plan a trip to Ikea from Andorra, closest is in Barcelona... I must say that Ikeas fabrics are good value for money and ones you get tired of them it is easier to change to new ones if you have pay less than most of the design fabrics.

Annie-France said...

Beautiful! Hope it would be available here in Romania as well!!

Marie said...

Wow, how nice there were:)

kevin said...

I love these; however, I can't determine all of the fables. Does anyone have insight into the following:

o red fox with white tipped tail
o two trees
o squirrel with cheese slicer
o red robin (or red bird)
o 18 "berries"