Thursday, July 9, 2009


Edland is a new cabinet line from Ikea. It offers six different storage solutions for bedrooms and has a classical shape with a modern twist. Via Apartment Therapy


Anonymous said...

First thought; Beautiful. Then saw: "Ikea" and thought: OMG, I just don't want to have it , I probably CAN have it!:-)

I really came here to say that I like the new starter image on the website for andyland, the red sofa, the beautiful purple curtains, the flowers and the great art piece, it's very welcoming.

Love, K

Alexandra said...

Thank you for the sweet comment about the new starter image! I am very happy with it and the new structure for the webshop.
I actually feel pretty much the same as you about IKEA. I love some of the designs but they are a little too accessible...