Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sad beautiful young things

Stockholm Fashion Week has started which I mentioned in an earlier post. This has attracted a lot of interesting guests, among them the prominent street fashion bloggers Garance Doré and The Sartorialist. Scott Schulman , aka The Sartorialist, has been here before and shows his images without reflection. Garance Doré on the other hand seems delighted but a bit puzzled by the Stockholmers. "We are light years from Paris, Milan and New York. But that is exactly what I like about it. Opening myself up to a new universe, discovering little by little the new fashion planet that is the Scandinavian countries." "... the Swedish fashion is wearable, for sure, but it is also sometimes repetitive. Black, white, grey, and this shifted sensuality that I sometimes find hard to appreciate. Is it because the girls are so beautiful that they love to hide themselves in garments a little bit too... bizarre? The shoes on the verge of orthopedic? I don't know, but it really interests me", she says.
And it is really interesting. I myself find Swedish fashion above all a bit melancholic. But we are after all the country of Strindberg and Bergman. Life isn't always fun, is it? First four images from Garance Doré, the last from The Sartorialist.

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