Monday, November 26, 2007

A perfect day

Last Saturday started with breakfast in bed and a long walk in the forest with Mimmi. In the early afternoon I went to a one-year party for my friend Erica’s baby boy Melker. Melker’s parents had rejected the traditional coffee and cake and gone for a much more sophisticated menu; bubbly white Burgundy and small sandwiches with salmon, reindeer and shrimps. After a couple of hours with friends I was off to Nationalmuseum and the Alexander Roslin exhibition. Roslin was the Swedish portrait painter of the 18th century and his way of depicting tissue is just so sensual. After this colour injection we went to Grand Hotel next to Nationalmuseum and sat down in the newly renovated Cadier bar for a drink. This place is so international and makes me feel like I’m on vacation in a big exciting city far away. We ended the day with dinner and drinks at Mäster Anders, a French bistro that I’ve heard about many times but never visited until now. Sometimes life is just perfect.

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Angele said...

I love the way the painter worked with the tissues of the different subjects. Very well-detailed. and oh! the way the woman played with her long stole in the first one. It is the first time I see this kind of portrait, the posture here is very modern and yes... sensual. :)
(btw, I love this blog)