Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Malin Lundmark

On display at the Milan Furniture Fair 2007 were these jewellery drawers and the jewellery lamp by Swedish designer Malin Lundmark. Malin works with both functional products and unique poetic pieces. Her main philosophy when she creates something, whether it is for an exhibition or a product, is to mix playfulness, function and decoration.
Malin is one of our neigbours at Telefonplan in Stockholm. During the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2007 we arranged an alternative fair called Design Non Stop together with other design companies in the area. Twenty companies showed fashion, graphic design, illustration, film, textile design and some furniture. Malin then exhibited "Aeroplane light", "Aeroplane light - floor lamp" and "Flower" - a hanger in the shape of a flower.
"Everything I make becomes a part of my Wonderland world, a world where fantasy becomes reality, a world where environment and products come together to create a completeness, just like on a stage or in a set design. As children we see the potential in everything around us. Imagination flows and a simple piece of stone can be transformed into anything. As we grow older we stop playing. With my products and my way of thinking I want to introduce playfulnessand unexpected experiences into every day life."

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